International Commemorative Symposium of GMAP/LPIC/NGAP

この度、第5回のGMAP/LPIC/NGAPの国際シンポを開催いたします。 プログラムについては、以下のとおりです。
The 5th International Syposium of GMAP/LPIC/NGAP

Date and Place

Date: Jan 23-24, 2016
Place: The 100th Anniversary Hall, Yonezawa Campus, Yamagata University


Jan 22

18:00 - 20:00 Welcome Reception (Café Azuma)

Jan 23

9:00 - 9:15 Opening Address
Hiroshi Ito (Professor, Director of GreenMAP and NGAP Research Center, Yamagata University)

9:15 - 9:25 Welcome Speech
Hiroshi Iizuka (Professor, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Yamagata University)

9:30 -10:15 Stability and Sensitivity in Rheological Processes: Fiber, Film, and Coating
Hyun Wook Jung (Korea University, Korea)

10:15-11:00 Dynamic Covalent Polymers with Self-healing and Mechanochromic Properties
Hideyuki Otsuka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

11:00-11:45 High Formable Shape Memory Alloys
Junpei Sakurai (Nagoya University, Japan)

11:45-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Preparation and Electrochemical Activity of Graphene Composites
Toyoko Imae (National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, Taiwan)

14:00-14:45 Nano-alloys
Sadayuki Kobayashi (Toray Industries, Inc., Japan)

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break

15:00-15:45 PlayersGlobal Cyber Diagnostics and Therapeutics with Nanosensor Systems for Point-of-Human Health Care
Vijay K. Varadan (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)

15:45-16:30 Synthesis of Well-defined Aramide Molecules and The Copolymerization with Flexible Aliphatic Polymers
Yuji Shibasaki (Iwate University, Japan)

17:30-20:00Banquet (Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Yonezawa)

Jan 24

9:00 - 10:00 Biosensing and Oral Drug Delivery Using Micro and Nano Structures
Anja Boisen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

10:00-10:45 Intrinsic Strength of Carbon Fibers
Masatoshi Shioya (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-11:45 Printed Nanomaterials for Sensor Applications
Jin Woo Cho (Louisiana State University, USA)

11:45-12:00 Group Photo
12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Slide-ring materials: Novel concept for tough polymers
Kohzo Ito (University of Tokyo/JST, Japan)

14:00-14:45 Structure Analyses of Rubber/Filler System under Deformation by Using Time Resolved USAXS Method
Shotaro Nishitsuji (Yamagata University, Japan)

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break

15:00-15:45 mpact and Importance of Heat Transfer during Thermoplastic Polymer Processing -Application of Radiation Heating
Takushi Saito (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

15:45-16:30 SApplications of Resonance Shear Measurements in Studying Friction of Polymer Hydrogels
Huaiyin Ren (Ningbo Fwmaterials Co., LTD, China)

16:30-16:35 Closing Remarks
Hiroshi Ito (Yamagata University, Japan)

Poster: HERE
Program (PDF): Here


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